Ms. Bixby’s Last Day


I recently finished reading a really fantastic book. Perfect for kids, parents, and educators of all levels.

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day (By: John David Anderson)

Rating: 4.5/5

Book overview: Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Have you ever had a really bad teacher? Well in a world with all kinds of teachers Tropher, Brand, and Steve won’t let Ms. Bixby leave without the perfect goodbye. These boys all connected with her in their own special way. Follow these boys as they go on a crazy adventure to ensure their last day with their beloved teacher is one they will never forget.

My thoughts: My mom was the one who told me about this book and being an education major I bought it on Amazon that same day (thank heavens for 2-day shipping). After reading this book I really hope I am this loved by my future students someday.While reading this book I smiled, cried, laughed, and everything in between. I learned that being a good teacher is not always just what you teach your students in the classroom. All of the other stuff like being a good person, being there for them in the hard times, standing up for them, and always making sure they know their best is good enough. This book is not just for kids but also for educators and parents.

My note to educators: In the world with all different kinds of teachers I encourage you to strive to be a teacher that is one of a kind and truly different then the others (not always easy). Try new things (even if they fail), let your students have their own voice, be open, be understanding, and most importantly connect with your students in some way.

My favorite quote: “Its not the last day that matters most. It’s the ones in between, the ones you get the chance to look back on. They’re the carnation days. They may not stand out the most at first but they stay with you the longest.” I choose this quote because at the end of the book the boys realized it wasn’t the final day they spent with Ms. Bixby that really mattered. They wanted a chance to show her how much she really means to them and how much she changed their lives forever.

I would recommend this book to anyone (even thought it is written for elementary aged kids). It was a quick read and can teach something to all that take the time to read it.

Thanks for reading. I would love comments and suggestions as always.




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