Tiny home living 

Hey yall I know I have been gone for a few weeks and I want to apologize for that. Midterms are finally upon us and I have been studying my booty off. 
I am sure most of you have heard of tiny homes as they have become more and more popular in the past couple of years. Well I am here to tell you that I do live in a tiny home and it is beyond amazing and it is totally doable. Living in a tiny home has made me down size my clothing, my furniture, and learn to live with less.

Storage is one of the biggest problems I have run into but I have found a few things that work. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets. Baskets have become like my best friend and something I use to store almost everything in my home. They keep things together, make the house look nicer and cleaner, and can add some color, if you buy colorful baskets of course. Another thing I use are Sterilite containers. You can buy them at Walmart for less then 20 bucks and some as low as 10 bucks. You can use the top like a nightstand or an end table, plus it doubles as a storage device.

A few things I really like about living in a tiny home are that I do not have to clean as often, I do not have much clutter, and it feels more home like. I love to clean but I also love not to clean so living in a tiny home I have less space to clean so I only need to really clean maybe once a week. Having less space means I have less space to clutter. To me I have a very homey home. In a regular home everything is so spread out and far away, but in a tiny home everything is close together.

Yes I am not going to lie living in a tiny home is not easy and it is not meant for everyone. But as for me I am totally in love with it. I am always trying to find new things to do in my home and I am always changing some of the things I do. I constantly find new ways to store things, new decore ideas, and I even come up with some on my own, but that is not very often because this thing called Pinterest exist which helps a lot.

Tiny homes are very affordable, in style, and are great for newly weds. I highly recommend looking into tiny homes on either Pinterest or simply just Google it. There are many different types of tiny homes but I hope a look into mine will make you see that it really is doable.

Thanks for reading as always. If you have any tips for things to try in my tiny home please let me know I am always looking for new ideas!