Hello those of the 21st century. I am here to inform you that there is such a thing as TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY. Like woah crazy, right? Saying this seems kind of weird for me since I own an IPhone, apple watch, laptop, and an IPad. But without out a doubt I still think our society is becoming way to dependent on technology. 12 year olds have smart phones, 7 year olds have tablets, and adults have everything under the sun.

All too often I see kids missing out on time with loved ones, I see parents miss out on important mile stones in their kids lives, and I see people die from texting and driving. There are so many other things kids and adults could be doing that does not involve technology. Choose how you spend your time and choose wisely.

Adults just like kids need to step away from technology and do the hands on activities with their kids, get house work done, or even read a book. This constant need for the next new thing is getting way out of hand. Family dinner should be about spending time and talking with family not sitting at the table with your nose shoved into your IPhone or IPad. Adults are just as bad if not worse then children when it comes to technology.

Technology is a wonderful and has done some pretty amazing things, but it is ruining our since of communication and how we act around others. There is a time and place for technology and that time is NOT all the time. Spend time with your family, go outside, read a new book, or simply clean the house.

Adults need monitored just as much as children do when it comes to technology. I am not saying technology is bad or that we should not have it, I am just simply saying that we as humans rely too heavily on it. I personally feel kids should only be allowed 1 hour a night spent on technology, the other time should be spent reading, coloring, building, or playing a board game. Adults need to learn to just simply put it away, there is house work to be done or you have kids you could be playing with. Time spent on technology is wasted time. Limit yourself and you will be much happier.

We live in a forever evolving world and I love that but we waste too much of our time looking a computer, phone, or tablet screen. Our time could and should be better spent. So my challenge for all my readers is to limit the amount of time you spend on technology. Give yourself an hour or two a night and that is it.

Thanks for reading as always. I am always open to comments and suggestions.


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