Oh the places you will go

bilboIn my book life is one big giant adventure, and what we do during that adventure defines who we are. I urge every person college student or not to travel while you can. I love to travel even it is only a few hours away I get so excited, kind of like a little kid on Christmas. I have been to a large portion of our 50 states, Washington D.C, Spain, Portugal, France, and a couple other places over seas. Traveling is something that I have a passion for, and I plan to keep that passion alive.

Here is some advice I have for people that want to travel or have been wanting to see what our wonderful world has to offer:

1. It does not matter where you go just make it happen. You could be going just one state over or be flying half way across the world but MAKE IT HAPPEN. Take weekends, holiday breaks, spring and summer break and travel. For a while stop buying things you don’t need, save a little, and travel. There are even trips that you can set up a payment plan for.  It will always be worth it to say that you got to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

2. Take a million pictures. Doesn’t matter where you go but always take pictures. It is so much easier to explain what something is, or what happen when you have a picture to go with it. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Taking pictures will help you remember a time line of your vacation and will capture the beauty of the places you went. And will be something you cherish for the rest of your life.

3. Along with taking pictures, journal everything. Your feelings, where you went, what you saw, what you ate, how you got there, and every other little detail you want to remember. This is awesome because it is a physical keep sake that you will have forever. Every trip needs to be remembered and it needs to be remembered well. And doing this is not only for your sake, but those around you too.

4. Don’t be afraid to try new foods. I cannot stress this enough. You may never get the chance to travel to some of these places ever again. The food there is authentic, so step out on a limb and try it. And this coming from a very picky eater just ask my mom or boyfriend they can tell ya. I will never forget the time I tried authentic couscous with lamb meat in Morocco because, my mom had been trying to get me to eat couscous for a while and I refused to try it. Everybody loves food so try what other places have to offer.

5. My final tip is to not miss out on something because you are tried. If you do an organized trip there is always going to be down time, or free time. Do not spend that time sitting around on your phone or sleeping. Go explore, find your own adventures, meet native people, or simply just walk around and take it all in. If you are going to be paying the money to go on a trip do everything you can do and see all that you can see.

Traveling is so important and helps us better understand our world and the many cultures we have. There are so many beautiful places to see, and amazing people to meet. So take a little time, and a little money and go on an adventure. Currently on my calendar I have a trip to New York City over spring break, a trip to Florida in the summer, and want to book a trip to London. I am making it happen.

So stay tuned for post about my upcoming trips.

Thanks for reading as always.


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