Stu[dying] Tips

Hear ye, hear ye. Calling all college students. I know the spring semester feels like it  just started, but the time has come for the first exam of the semester. With that being said study tips are a must have. So here are some things I do to help me prepare:

FLASHCARDS: Making flashcards is an awesome tool and you can even make your own with copy paper you snag from campus(; But the art of using flashcards is awesome because it makes you rewrite items you need to know, they are more portable for studying on the go, and they are easier to test yourself with.

HIGHLIGHT & COLOR CODE: Make your page look like a rainbow. Using different bright colors helps your brain remember what was on the page.

REWRITE/TYPE NOTES: This helps because you see the information and study without feeling like your studying. Also this will help you add any extra notes, explain things better, and make your notes look better.

QUIET STUDY AREA: This is a big crucial part of studying. We all know it is hard to get anything done when the TV is on in the background so, now imagine trying to study with the TV on. So study with no distractions and yes that means no cell phones too, get comfy so you don’t try and find a distraction, and take short breaks in between to give your brain time to rest and to soak in the information.

STUDY DAILY DO NOT CRAM: The best method is to study a little bit at a time and not all at once. I know college kids are known for all night study cram sessions but that is not an effective study method. Doing a small amount everyday will help you remember important information better and be ready for the test so, the night before you can get a good nights sleep and be well rested.

I hope these study tips are helpful and I wish all college students reading this the best of luck on all exams. If you have any study tips that you use please leave a comment and let me know what you got.

Thanks for reading as always.


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